Friday, November 11, 2011

The articles about Keystone XL you aren't reading

Obama's delay of Keystone XL is a move to mend bridges with his environmentalist base before the election. Well, that's transparent.

Canadian Finance minister Jim Flaherty says that the delay of Keystone XL will accelerate Canada's efforts to build a pipeline to its west coast to ship to Asia. So, um, again about how delaying the pipeline does nothing to stop extraction or stop oil from going to China.

Stephen Harper, the Canadian Prime minister, is still hopeful. Good for him. I am frankly surprised that he doesn't feel emasculated, given that American environmentalists are attempting to dictate the environmental policy of the country he nominally governs.

I know the tone of this post is more opinionated and angry than usual, but I just have trouble grappling with how the environmentalist movement has been taken over by people with no knowledge of how ineffective their goals are at accomplishing anything.

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