Monday, May 9, 2011


I suppose that when someone starts a blog, it's for some combination of three reasons. The first reason is that they might want to make money off of it. Simple enough, I suppose. The second reason is that they want to keep in touch with their friends. The third is that a blog appeals to the inner sense of narcissism deep within. The method by which you titillate that sense can vary.

This of course begs the question of why I am starting a blog. I won't kid you, it's not the first time I've attempted to make an online scribble book. What's usually ended up happening with it is that I cared too much about who was reading and never found the time to write more. So this blog is going to be about me, for me, and for whoever else feels like listening in. By and large, it will only marginally be about my life and more often concerned with whatever I feel like writing about, if only to develop my own ideas. I wouldn't mind if other people read, but whatever.

So there you have it - my reason for starting this blog fall somewhere in the 2D space defined by reasons two and three above.

I'm just going to experiment with this for a while. I'm kinda sorta entering a new life stage here. In three weeks, I eclose from my pupal shell, and move to my first real job. In the mean time, I have to finish my thesis, wrap things up here, and somehow still enjoy the last few weeks of freedom from responsibility that I have. Not that I won't be working, or spending some of my time thinking about pipe materials, philosophy, or whatever else comes to mind... and that's where this comes in. I figure if I can quit rambling and get my thoughts out in writing, it beats navel gazing. Also if I post enough, I'll share this with my friends and they can all tell me what a retard I am.

Okay, enough talk. Here goes.

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